About Sono Resources Inc.

Sono Resources Inc. is a base metal exploration company with a focus on Copper and Silver in northern Botswana, Africa. With a vibrant and growing global demand for Copper and Silver, this region has recently had several major discoveries and is identified as the Kalahari Copper Belt.

Currently the Company is building a veteran management team and enlisting highly skilled technical staff and consultants with on-the-ground knowledge targeting a known mineral district. The result is anticipated be a company that is perfectly timed to explore and thrive in the world-wide demand for copper and Silver.

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Operating In A Legally Established Mining District

Botswana is recognized in the global mining community as an African nation with a very favorable mining environment. The country has strong infrastructure support for building quality assets, including qualified individuals who have worked in the mining industry for decades. Botswana also has a successful history for mining evidenced by major mines now in production, including Africa’s largest diamond mine.

Sono’s current property interests are located directly adjacent to the foremost leaders in copper and silver exploration in Botswana.

Sono Resources Inc. is also a participating sponsor of Copper Connects, a blog about copper and the movements of metals markets worldwide. Learn more about copper, visit copperconnects.com

A World-Class Copper Mining District in Botswana, Africa.

Sono Resources (SRCI-OTCQB) begins it operations in 2011 with the option to acquire 95% interest and operational control of a series of licenses in the world-class mining district being established in Botswana, Africa. The trend was discovered over 20 years ago, but has recently been developed by leading mineral exploration and mining companies driven by the growing demand for copper.

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Sono’s Copper Project

Sono Resources Inc.’s lease option in Botswana falls along what is being defined as an extension of the Kalahari Copper Belt. The leases stretch over an area about 2965.6 square kilometers in the Ngamiland/Gantsi Districts within the Ghanzi-Chobe Fold Belt, a 140km wide zone of deformed metavolcanics and metasediments. Sono’s leases are directly adjacent to the current drilling and mine developments of Discovery Metals and Hana Mining, two of the established exploration companies now developing the region.

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An Excellent Investment Climate

Botswana is not only the world’s largest diamond producer, it is also consistently attains top ranking as one of the most secure nations for resource investment. The population is both well educated and relatively wealthy.

Mining is the most important section, comprising 46% of GDP and services comprising 52%, making it an excellent opportunity for Sono Resources to pursue projects in the region.